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Vegetarian Chicken + Toby Keith BBQ Sauce

Date September 16, 2008

Cox-cke Family Lake Eufaula Summer 2008

Date August 6, 2008

This past weekend the bulk of my dads side of the family got together at my Mom’s families lake house on Lake Eufaula. My dads parents, whom I have lovingly referred to as Mama and Papa since I was a little baby are named Robert Winston Cocke and Thelma Ann Cocke hailing from Wilburton Oklahoma. [...]

Painted Pony Ball 2007

Date July 15, 2008

Last Winter 2007 we received an invite to attend “The Painted Pony Ball” a black tie gala with a ‘cowboy twist’ – put on by Susan Warren a local quadzillionaire. It was a hell of an event, lavish and Über Cascia. The same folk who attend the most exclusive black tie Tulsa events were there [...]

Alyse Returns from Paris | Lake Eufaula

Date July 14, 2008

Alyse spent 6 weeks this Summer in Paris France and traveled Europe. Upon her return home, the family got together to hang out at the lake house in Eufaula. Got to hang out with Aunt Liz and Aunt Linda which was good times as always. Had a dart tournament and did some yoga on the [...]

Fathers Day 2008 + A NEW office

Date June 19, 2008

Wormwood at Sonoma: “Alcohol, Blueberries, Shit & Dip Spit”

Date June 10, 2008


Date June 7, 2008

Joanie Thomas on Wormwood “Tastes like Super Glue on my Tongue”

Date June 4, 2008

John & Glen Do Wormwood “Like Dirt in a Butthole”

Date May 28, 2008

Annie and Andrew’s Engagement Party

Date May 17, 2008

The engagement party sister Alyse threw for her friend Annie and her fiance Andrew. Alyse had about 40 of her and Annie’s sorority sisters and their fraternity bros out to the house to play beer pong and jam out in the back yard of my parents house. http://www.flickr.com/photos/wesleywinston/sets/72157605110980303/