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Windtoberfest – One Year Later

Date October 18, 2008

Last year, I did not have wesleywinston.com hitting on all cylinders like I do these days and so I created this page about my experience at Oktoberfest when the tents collapsed. After a year I though I would reference the page from last year that detailed the experience.

Relative Karmic Debt

Date June 23, 2008

This is a follow up from a post where I discussed meat consumption and karmic debt. Below you will find an analysis of the relative Karmic Debt that you might incur for eating various animals. The assumptions underlying this chart are that Animals experience pain and suffering. Some animals are more advanced and therefore more [...]

Art of Living “Silver Jubilee”

Date November 12, 2007

http://wesleywinston.com/events/2006/india/ February 2006. This was a super epic trip that Alison and I took to India for the largest group meditation and peace conference in human history. Here are the first few words from this epic feature webisode: “Everyone who learns that I went to India has a hard time understanding why. With so many [...]

Los Angeles November 2005

Date November 12, 2007

http://wesleywinston.com/events/2005/la/ Here is the first few paragraphs from this feature webisode: “Prior to ever actually having been to California, I must have heard 100 times from people, “OH Wes, you have never been to California? You will LOVE it there, you will fit right in.” As much as I would want to think that they [...]