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Ben Chase and Chris stop by after Big 12 Championship

Date December 14, 2008

Brother Ben and his buddies Chris Webb and Chase Schwabe stopped by Tulsa on their way home from the Big 12 Championship game in KC to pick up a couch on their way back to Norman. I sent them home with a little bonus, a box of playboys circa 1999-2001 – unloading some of my [...]

OU/TX 2005

Date November 12, 2007

http://wesleywinston.com/events/2005/OUTX/ This is a very simple, yet descriptive and accurate photo journal accounting of OU/TX weekend 2005. The photos tell the story, but not as well and the spot on video vignette which I dubbed “BONUS VIDEO JOURNAL” What a great tradition . . .

Conversation with Mack Brown

Date November 6, 2007

http://wesleywinston.com/events/2004/OUTX/ This was and still is the most popular thing that I have ever done with wesleywinston.com – For 5 years OU whipped up on Texas from 2000 – 20004. The first year I put this out on the site it was responsible for over 50,000 unique visits. Before the 2004 game I was browsing [...]

OU vs. Bowling Green 2004

Date November 6, 2007

http://wesleywinston.com/events/2004/bowlinggreen04/ Pics from the weekend of the OU vs. Bowling Green game in Norman during the fall of 2004.

OU / Houston 2004

Date November 6, 2007

http://wesleywinston.com/events/2004/houston/ OU/Houston 2004 – Photos – No Big Deal

Keep Mack in ’03

Date November 1, 2007

http://wesleywinston.com/events/2003/keepmack/index.html This was my first ‘web-jab’ at Mack Brown. At the time there was an uproar at the University of Texas about how Mack Brown was overpaid and did not deserve the position as head coach at the University of Texas because he could not win a championship – National OR Big 12. Needless to [...]

OU/TX 2003

Date November 1, 2007

http://wesleywinston.com/events/2003/OUTX/ This interactive flash site was, at the time I built it the most involved, complex and deep mix of flash, photos, movies and media. At the time it was my ‘piece de resistance’, the center piece of my personal website – but as I started producing more elaborate and involved pieces, I kept trying [...]