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Our Wedding featured in Destination Weddings Magazine

Date June 26, 2008

Well, I guess our 15 minutes is officially about to expire! Alison and I got a call about 2 months ago from a writer of Destination Wedding Magazine asking us if we would be interested in being featured in their magazine. At the time we were both working in the backyard planting flowers and creating [...]

Fathers Day 2008 + A NEW office

Date June 19, 2008

Joanie Thomas on Wormwood “Tastes like Super Glue on my Tongue”

Date June 4, 2008

John & Glen Do Wormwood “Like Dirt in a Butthole”

Date May 28, 2008

Wesley Winston 29th Birthday

Date May 13, 2008

Alyse’s 21st Birthday in Las Vegas 2008

Date April 28, 2008

In early January 2008 the Cox Family and a select few family friends ventured to Las Vegas to celebrate the 21st birthday of Alyse in royal style. We were in Vegas Thursday through Saturday and saw the sights indeed! Here you will find a comprehensive posting of the photos and videos from our spectacular weekend [...]

Wall Family Christmas 2007

Date January 6, 2008

After my wedding last May in Tulum Mexico, my grandmother on my Mom’s side, Mary Ellen Wall, was so enamored with the resort and the beauty of the Mayan Riviera that she decided to put together a trip back to Tulum during Christmas for her 5 daughters, their husbands and her 20 grandchildren. One of [...]