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ITR with the Schwabe Family

Date October 29, 2008

In the waning days before Coco Vivian arrives we have been scheduling dinners with friends on the contingency that the baby does not arrive and trump our plans. Tonight we had dinner with Grant and Alicia Schwabe. Grant is the Ari Gold of Finance Litigation and a longtime family friend. He and Alicia recently got [...]

Windtoberfest – One Year Later

Date October 18, 2008

Last year, I did not have wesleywinston.com hitting on all cylinders like I do these days and so I created this page about my experience at Oktoberfest when the tents collapsed. After a year I though I would reference the page from last year that detailed the experience.

Beck & MGMT at Cains Ballroom September 2008

Date October 3, 2008

Full Flickr Set HERE MGMT Highlite Video: Beck Highlite Video: Concert Highlight Photos: WW with Beck backing guitarist Jessica Dobson

White Party Photos Now UP

Date September 22, 2008

White Party IV Highlite Photos Preview

Date September 21, 2008

I have been getting alot of requests from the people about when the White Party Photos are going to be up. Well I have uploaded a highlite set, which is just a select grouping of the entire set. It is now uploaded and ready for review on my flickr account. Many, Many more to come, [...]

Tulsa World Pumps up White Party IV

Date September 3, 2008

Yesterday the Tulsa World did a write up on the White Party. Here are the images and links to the story. Link to PDF of Full Resolution Page Scan Link to story on the Tulsa World Website Additional Promo Shot taken by Tulsa Zoo:

White Party IV Draws near . . .

Date August 28, 2008

As you may or may not know the White Party was picked up by our friends at the Tulsa Zoo. After a year hiatus, I had a fortuitous run in with a Jodi Koch who does marketing for the Tulsa Zoo. We talked about my White Party and she enthusiastically asked me to come out [...]

Painted Pony Ball 2007

Date July 15, 2008

Last Winter 2007 we received an invite to attend “The Painted Pony Ball” a black tie gala with a ‘cowboy twist’ – put on by Susan Warren a local quadzillionaire. It was a hell of an event, lavish and Über Cascia. The same folk who attend the most exclusive black tie Tulsa events were there [...]

July 4th Weekend – Indian Leg Wrestling

Date July 7, 2008

Last year for the Fourth we all ventured to Elizabeth Rischs cabin and had a hella good time and the first annual Indian Leg wrestling tourney – Jason Opie beat me in the final in the mens division and took replaced me the reigning champion. However, last year I weighed in at 205, so after [...]

Annie and Andrew’s Engagement Party

Date May 17, 2008

The engagement party sister Alyse threw for her friend Annie and her fiance Andrew. Alyse had about 40 of her and Annie’s sorority sisters and their fraternity bros out to the house to play beer pong and jam out in the back yard of my parents house. http://www.flickr.com/photos/wesleywinston/sets/72157605110980303/