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Admitted Big Brother Fan: Jesse as Mark Floyd/Chase Schwabe

Date July 16, 2008

First, let me say that I am a proud Big Brother fan. 4 years ago Alison got me to start watching it – at the time I scoffed a little bit at her for watching what I thought at the time was Television Vile. However, I gave it a shot and got sucked in. It [...]


Date June 19, 2008

I just produced my first song ever. I realize that it sounds alot like a bunch of blips and beeps and crazy insane looped vocals, but come on, give a guy some slack, its my FIRST SONG! I have named it “Get Down Uncle John” Because the hook is merely my Uncle John saying “GET [...]

A Note to Encourage Appreciation

Date November 30, 2007

I would like to encourage everyone to consider how fortunate they are to be living in a house rather than an apartment. Sometimes people complain about the responsibility that comes with a house, that now you have to fix everything yourself. Yes, that is true, when something breaks you are responsible for fixing it or [...]

Do it Yourself Brazillian

Date November 30, 2007

I had the single most painful experience today, entirely self-inflicted. Sunday afternoon, not much going on, kinda bored…so what else would I do but head to Walgreen’s and buy Sally Hanson’s Extra Strength Brazilian Bikini Waxing and Shaping Kit. Sure, I could have just spent my evening watching a movie and had a professional do [...]

The Parents Come to Memphis

Date November 30, 2007

Sometimes I don’t even know where to begin…there’s just so much. Thank god I have easy-going parents. I think some parents might have slapped their kids for taking them to the places I took mine this weekend. I guess I thought of it as an opportunity to try out places that I wouldn’t risk trying [...]

Sewing Machine Mania

Date November 30, 2007

Turns out that a dragon costume is a little harder to come by than one would imagine. Or maybe other people would imagine it to be difficult, I was initially quite confident that I would be able to throw one together relatively easily. But when it comes to actually figuring out how to have a [...]

A Catty Day

Date November 30, 2007

Today didn’t start well and I haven’t seen an upturn yet. First of all I toppled down my stairs this morning…heel catches on my pants and I go tripping several steps, grab the rail, swing sideways falling onto my hands and knees, and continue bumping down and land hard facing back up the stairs knocking [...]

Memphis Dining Guide

Date November 30, 2007

I have been anxiously planning for Jason’s visit, primarily so that I could go eat at all the fun restaurants here. So, I had checked out menus online and narrowed the list down to my favorites…I was very proud of myself for being so on top of things and couldn’t wait to hear how impressed [...]

Cats Hate Apartments

Date November 30, 2007

The emphatic hate that my cat feels towards apartment living can not possibly be adequately described. Cats, in general and Oranjello especially, are inflexible regarding their preferences, and if they want something, you won’t hear the end of it until you give in. So, once Oranjello got accustomed to living in a home where he [...]

Memphis Lingo I

Date November 30, 2007

There are some slight vocabulary changes I am trying to make in order fit in better in Memphis. I’ve noticed that the phrase ‘one of them’ is often added into a sentence before a direct object (how’d ya like that 7th grade English throw back?). For example, when I was leaving the Schnuck’s last night [...]