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wesleywinston.com Version 1.0

Date November 4, 2007

http://wesleywinston.com/events/2003/v1/index.htm This is a screenshot and non functional glimpse of my first ever website and personal home page wesleywinston.com. I first started the website during the spring semester of my first year in law school at the University of Tulsa, roughly April of 2003. I was not finding very much inspiration in the required reading [...]

wesleywinston.com Version 2.0

Date November 4, 2007

http://wesleywinston.com/events/2003/v2/index.htm After the HTML based version 1.0 of my personal home page “wesleywinston.com” which I used from April 2003-August 2003 I decided to move to an ALL flash layout and upgrade the interface to something a little more ‘sexy’ – I took some design inspiration from the burberry.com website with the user interface. This is [...]

Halloween & Bedlam 2003

Date November 1, 2007

http://wesleywinston.com/events/2003/bedlam/ Here I did a basic flash site for some photos from a weekend in Norman where Halloween and the OSU football game happened to be over the same weekend. I was still learning flash, but this was one of those pieces where I had just learned some new techniques and really ran with it [...]

Beautiful Black African Christmas

Date November 1, 2007

http://wesleywinston.com/events/2003/blackchristmas/ During my senior year at OU I took an intercession class over the winter break – the class was called “DWB – Driving While Black” While it was supposed to focus on racial profiling and institutionalized inequality, it was actually a formal, university sanctioned bitch fest encouraging the black culture to embrace its role [...]

50 Cent in Tulsa

Date November 1, 2007

http://wesleywinston.com/events/2003/fiftycent/ During my second semester at TU law school in the Spring of 2003 50 Cent had just dropped his first mega hit “In da Club” – it was that song that everyone knew, even your 50 year old mom. TU students were given free tickets, so I stocked up and invited a bunch of [...]

Keep Mack in ’03

Date November 1, 2007

http://wesleywinston.com/events/2003/keepmack/index.html This was my first ‘web-jab’ at Mack Brown. At the time there was an uproar at the University of Texas about how Mack Brown was overpaid and did not deserve the position as head coach at the University of Texas because he could not win a championship – National OR Big 12. Needless to [...]

OU/TX 2003

Date November 1, 2007

http://wesleywinston.com/events/2003/OUTX/ This interactive flash site was, at the time I built it the most involved, complex and deep mix of flash, photos, movies and media. At the time it was my ‘piece de resistance’, the center piece of my personal website – but as I started producing more elaborate and involved pieces, I kept trying [...]

Sarah’s Graduation

Date November 1, 2007

Alison’s childhood friend Sarah Condoly’s graduation party in Muskogee Oklahoma. Photos and a flash interface from the event and the bar afterward. Tanner and Kelsey were also a part of the graduation celebration. This is another fine example of me using personal social outings as an excuse to refine and hone my flash skills. I [...]

Phillip Scoggins USMC

Date October 31, 2007

http://wesleywinston.com/events/2003/scoggins/ This is from way back in the day, one of the first events that I ever posted on my website. It is a collection of photos and videos of a weekend spent with some ole’ college drinking buddies. The weekend centered around the arrival home of my friend Phillip Scoggins from his first tour [...]