Yall know me Coot Deezy

Date February 15, 2009

A Hip Hop music video shot in Muskogee Oklahoma with my cousin Dustin McGraw aka “Coot Deezy”

3 Responses to “Yall know me Coot Deezy”

  1. Robert Cox said:

    I haven’t been this moved by a music video since the Beatles movie Help! came out. You guys are on to something. Drink a couple more Mountain Dews before the next video to really get the energy going.

    I’m already looking forward to your next video.

    Good work,


  2. Robert Cox said:

    Wes, follow this link to your long lost brother!



    Mom & Dad

  3. Hooper said:

    OMG…. I actually had dr pepper start to come out my nose…

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