Winston Media Christmas Party

Date December 14, 2008

Friday Night we had our company Christmas party. It consisted of taking everyone and their dates out to eat at Sochey and then walking over to the BOK center to check out the Cirque show “Saltimbanco”

Full Flickr Set Here

It was good fun, our staff and their dates:

Cole and Allison Cunningham

Trevor and Ashley Barrios

Katie Copp and Nathaniel McKnight

Wesley Winston and Alison Cox

4 Responses to “Winston Media Christmas Party”

  1. Robert Cox said:

    Wes: Nice photos. Handsome folks. Still not quite ready for the scarf look on men. I saw a guy at the Thunder game recently wearing a scarf similar to your friend Trevor. He was also with an attractive young lady. But my social norms still cause me to think the look is not conducive to the masculine male. But keep in mind I was born in 1953.


  2. Robert Cox said:

    Wes: What happened to my comment from Monday? Are you censoring your blog comments?


  3. admin said:

    Word press has an authorization process, where I actually have to approve the posts. I just now got the chance to approve your first and now follow up comment – but no worries, thanks for commenting – it is comments that make blogs fun!!

  4. Robert Cox said:

    Wes: Just looking at the great photos of your friends again this afternoon. I noticed the photo of Cole and Alison and had a question. Was Cole hiding something under Alison’s sleeve just as you shot the photo?


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