ITR with the Schwabe Family

Date October 29, 2008

In the waning days before Coco Vivian arrives we have been scheduling dinners with friends on the contingency that the baby does not arrive and trump our plans. Tonight we had dinner with Grant and Alicia Schwabe.

Grant is the Ari Gold of Finance Litigation and a longtime family friend. He and Alicia recently got married and we finally seized the opportunity to grab dinner with them as a newly minted married couple. Both the Schwabe’s and the Cox’s hold it down in Brookside and we live literally one block from each other. We have the OU greek system solidly held down between the four of us with Fiji, Beta, Theta and Pi Phi being represented.

Common Euphemisms & Phrases used by Grant: “Crunk”, 3rd person reference to himself as “Big Worm”, “Pimp”, “Crunktastic”

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