Matt Malone to take plunge Nov. 29th

Date October 24, 2008

In the summer of 2003 while on a legal exchange in the South of France I met a spectacular human being. His name is Matt Malone and I hold him in very high regard as a human being, diplomat, professional skier and kindred spirit.

He and his fiance are hot shot attorneys in DC and they are getting married in November. I received the invitation to their wedding the other day which prompted me to put together a post commemorating our friendship and reminiscing about that summer we met in 2003.

First, let me touch on the wedding invitation. I have received some well designed and fanciful invitations throughout the years, but I have to give it to my boy Matt and his girl Evi, they really topped them all with their invites. I believe that sophistication is not found in excess or frivolous adornment and needless frills. Their wedding invitations where very classy and sophisticated. On extremely thick card stock, with subtle raised typeset and an elegant organic vine adornment.

The Reception card was tastefully understated with a simple message “Reception Following the Ceremony Four Seasons Hotel Washington, D.C. Really I think I was wowed by the fact that their reception is at the Four Seasons. I have never been to a Four Seasons, but I have heard of it and it seems very high society. What I really liked about it was the fact that they did not have to include an address or a Map or any thing else, just “Four Seasons Hotel Washington D.C.” SWANK!!

Which brings us to the reply card . . .

After being so impressed with the classiness with which Evi and Matt did their invitations, I was sitting in my chair at my house holding the reply card . . . the thick, sturdy, delicately designed reply card. As I was about to fill it out with a regular pen, I realized that my paint pens where sitting right next to me. The urge to tag it up was too great!! Urban Art and graffiti are sometimes most intriguing when they pop up in places that they are not supposed to be. So Voila:

Now some old school photos of Matt Malone:

In Pampalona Spain during the Running of the Bulls, July 2003. From Leftt: Chris Tierno, Tom Thompson, Wesley Cox, Matt Malone.

In Barcelona Spain during a Bike Tour, 2003. From Left: Tom Thompson, Chris Tierno, Wesley Cox, Matt Malone.

Walking along the Promenade De Englais in Nice France on our way to a White Party. Nice France, 2003. From Left: Matt Malone, Chris Tierno, Tom Thompson, Reid Henderson.

Matt Malone as the essence of Masculinity.

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    Poor Bastard

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