Brand Confusion: Sony or Nikon??

Date October 18, 2008

Ali is going to pop any day now, we are just sitting around waiting on something to happen – I forsee lots of comical parody of “fatherhood” coming to very soon.

I picked up the Sony a350, a pretty solid 14MP DSLR camera.

However I am not confident that I want to go down that road, it is a big commitment once I start investing in lenses and flashes and battery expansion packs – NO TURNING BACK from sony at that point! So today I am going to have a conversation with the guy who sold it to me at Wolf Camera. Primarily at this point I am going to be getting his feedback on the Nikon D90 – which has caught my attention and looks like a solid camera. Everything I have read online says the D90 is a vastly superior camera, so I am pretty sure that I want to take back the Sony a350 and get the D90.

Other factors in the decision are whether Wolf Camera has the D90 in stock at the store and I can swap it out immedietly. The whole reason I bought the new high end DSLR is for the baby girl named Coco who is about decend from my wifes belly. So I def need a camera immedietely, because we don’t know when Coco will be coming to the earth.

I am so TORN, because this Sony has been the shizzy.

Will know more today at 10am when Wolf Camera opens.

[this post originally an email to Jordan Dudley] By the way, this email has such good information about my camera situation, that I am going to be copy and pasting it verbatim in my blog . . .

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