Coco’s Nursury – So very cool indeed

Date October 14, 2008

As Coco gets closer and closer to coming to Earth from the Astral Plane we are getting more and more excited! We just bought me a new DSLR camera so I can take some hi quality photos of Coco, who by the way is just days away from being here – October 25th is the official due date, but Alison would be happy if she came tomorrow!!

So my first assignment with my fancy new camera was to photograph the baby room that we put together for Coco. You will notice that we used our exquisite taste and penchant for modular decor to outfit Coco’s Nursury. I have to give most of the credit to Alison she was the designer behind this environment and did a hell of job. Oh yea, and that bomb artwork on the wall you are probably wondering about . . . all art done by Alison and myself. Check it out:

Full Flickr Set Here

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