Coco Vivian Identity Strategy

Date October 5, 2008

Baby Branding

My primary business is Winston Media a Creative Web Marketing Consultancy. Our Creative division performs branding strategy and corporate identity consulting for our clients. We have a team of highly skilled graphic artists who are able to envision fabulous logo and branding strategies.

I am also having a baby girl sometime in the next 4 weeks. It occurred to me that my baby girl could use some high end graphic design and logo design so I asked our designers to cook up some concepts for the “identity” of Coco Vivian Cox.

More than just showing off the logo that we created, I thought that this would also be an interesting opportunity for those people who are not familiar with branding strategies and the iterative design process that occurs during the creation of the ‘perfect logo.’

Just to clarify, people wander “Why Does a Baby need a Logo?” The answer is very simple: A baby does not need logo. Branding design for a baby is absolutely unnecessary. However, it is a fantastic luxury for graphic designers or the owners of design firms or people with large amounts of disposable income. Speaking of which, if you have some money burning a hole in your pocket and you would like to hire us to brand your baby, feel free to contact us at We will be planning on using it for her party invitations, announcements, clothing line and other elements of her life that might need some good personalized design.

When I first asked the designer to brand Coco I asked her for something playful and feminine. We went through a few major phases and design iterations until we had refined it down to the perfect concept. Alison weighed in heavily throughout the process helping sculpt the concept.

Here is the first grouping of logos:

After reviewing the first batch of concepts we were drawn by more than one. Based on the first set, we decided to lock in two major elements: 1. The Logo Type and 2. The Symbol. We decided that we wanted something sleek and minimalist and so we decided on a more modern font. We also decided that we wanted a Lotus flower as her symbol because of its affiliation with eastern mysticism, Hinduism and our experience with various Enlightened Swami’s.

So for the next design iteration we wanted to see variations of the symbol and its play with the logo type. The designer came up with these:

When the designer showed me this set, I started to get very excited, they were really starting to come together and I was excited to see the finished product. For some reason the concepts that had the symbol in the middle seamed very balanced and appealing to me, so I decided to push it in that direction. Alison said that she wanted to change the color scheme to add some pink and orange into it.

After deciding on the symbol positioning and the font weight and coloring we had the designer go back and put another round of refinements on the logo concepts. Here is what she came up with . . .

So as you can see these concepts continue to become streamlined and more and more similar as we start to focus on more subtle elements of the brand. As we zero in on the final concept we continue to sculpt and shape the overall concept like a magnificent sculpture, using a smaller chisel each round to perfect each subtle element.

All that was left to do was settle on the color play, which is something that we could theoretically switch up in the future, but we wanted to have one single concept that would ready for Coco when she comes. So here is the final concept as a complete unit:

And just the symbol:

Expect a line of baby and kids clothes with this branding in the near future . . .

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