White Party IV Draws near . . .

Date August 28, 2008

As you may or may not know the White Party was picked up by our friends at the Tulsa Zoo. After a year hiatus, I had a fortuitous run in with a Jodi Koch who does marketing for the Tulsa Zoo. We talked about my White Party and she enthusiastically asked me to come out the zoo and discuss the possibility of having it at the Zoo and using it as a way to raise money for the Tulsa Zoo Friends, the non profit that fuels the Zoo financially.

After a successful meeting with Jodi and Keeley Mead, Ashley Farthing, Lindsay Anderson and others we decided that it was a good fit and pushed everything forward. Well, three months later and the date is upon us! Next Friday September 05 the Tulsa Zoo will be “drenched in White” as the fourth edition of the White Party grows up a little bit.

The Zoo has done it right, sparing no expense to make this the most lavish, hip and over the top event Tulsa has seen in . . . lets put it this way – Tulsa has never seen an event like this.

I just had the chance to edit up a bunch of video from White Party III. Here are some links to White Party Stuff:

White Party Website
2008 Promo Video
2007 Highlight Video

One Response to “White Party IV Draws near . . .”

  1. jake c. said:


    glad to see you and jodi were able to get this party poppin.

    the white party will be even better this year!

    see you @ the zoo.


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