Cox-cke Family Lake Eufaula Summer 2008

Date August 6, 2008

This past weekend the bulk of my dads side of the family got together at my Mom’s families lake house on Lake Eufaula. My dads parents, whom I have lovingly referred to as Mama and Papa since I was a little baby are named Robert Winston Cocke and Thelma Ann Cocke hailing from Wilburton Oklahoma. They have 4 sons: My vegan, meditating, tea-totaling father, Robert Winston Cox (Norman) Their homosexual, Native American, “two spirited” son John Hawke Co-cke (Tulsa) Their burly, masculine, cigar smoking, jolly son Will Eugene Cocke (Wilburton) and The youngest, laid back, cooler than cool, everybody loves him son Charles Wesley Cox (Dallas).

The four brothers don’t all share the same name because Robert and Charles had their name legally changed from Cocke to Cox years ago for obvious reasons. So that is correct, had my father not changed his name back in the day, my full legal name would be Wesley Winston Cocke. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Papa Rober has a sister named Anna Doris Pirtle who has three children of her own my fathers and uncles cousins: Janna, Jaime and Jay.

All of my dads brothers and cousins and their children where at the lake except for Will. When they get together it gets pretty loud, crazy and insanely funny. They are all such unique charachters and all have such strong personalities that the entire time spent with my dads side of the family is nothing but non stop laugh out loud funny.

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