Retired WW Design

Date July 17, 2008

After 7 months, I have updated the design of the blog. Since I had the old header up there for a while I want to dedicate this post to remembering, honoring and expressing appreciation for all the hard work it did: Thanks WW header from 1st half of 2008, you really did a hell of job for the site and we appreciate everything that you did for us. More than anything you did an excellent job of fostering the image of wesleywinston as a true web hustla, good work, enjoy your retirement.

2 Responses to “Retired WW Design”

  1. RWC said:


    How often do you publish a new story on this web site? Also, in your story above will you provide your readers with the definition of ‘web hustla’?

  2. admin said:

    RWC – excellent questions, I have never been asked what I mean when I use the phrase “Web Hustla” – in response to your question I have prepared an extended explanation and definition of this concept in the about section of the website. Please reference that section for further clarification on that.

    Regarding the regularity of posting on this website – it depends, for the better part of 2007 I was posting once a month – These days, I seem to be posting on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Pretty much every sunday I make it a point to go through my pictures and videos from the previous week and try to prepare something. So in short – about every week.

    Thanks for staying tuned in . . .

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