Painted Pony Ball 2007

Date July 15, 2008

Last Winter 2007 we received an invite to attend “The Painted Pony Ball” a black tie gala with a ‘cowboy twist’ – put on by Susan Warren a local quadzillionaire. It was a hell of an event, lavish and Über Cascia.

The same folk who attend the most exclusive black tie Tulsa events were there – except dressed in fancy country western get-up. It was a fresh take traditional black tie. What was most notable was the care, attention and MONEY that was pumped into the event. I have planned and hosted a few events in my day, most notably the Tulsa White Party, and I can tell you, no expense was spared at this event.

Speaking of which – this years White Party is going to go down at the Zoo a-la “Waltz on the Wildside” except the White Party is going to be an over the top, blowout party/concert/fashion show so LEGENDARY . . . . I digress.

If you want to become a corporate sponsor or just want a VIP Table at the upcoming White Party, book them fast, cause we are going to sell out quick. Here is link to the White Party IV SPONSOR PDF where you can find more information. Or call Lindsay at the Zoo to make your arrangements – 669-6637.

Anyhow – back to the point of this post, below are pics and a video from The Painted Pony Ball. Special thanks to Fraz Henke IV for inviting us and allowing us to share his table. Bro – you deserved that CMA and you will have that moment FOREVER.

Link to Flickr Set

Painted Pony Video:

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