Alyse Returns from Paris | Lake Eufaula

Date July 14, 2008

Alyse spent 6 weeks this Summer in Paris France and traveled Europe. Upon her return home, the family got together to hang out at the lake house in Eufaula. Got to hang out with Aunt Liz and Aunt Linda which was good times as always. Had a dart tournament and did some yoga on the back deck of Liz and Linda’s cabin. Lake Eufaula is blowin’ up. It is the new hot spot IMO.

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  1. Robert said:


    As cool as the weekend was at the lake, watching your video I realized it was even cooler than I thought. We had a great time. Thanks for putting this video together.

    Just make sure people know the ‘yoga pushups’ you were doing were done under, at least partially, the influence of alcohol!


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