July 4th Weekend – Indian Leg Wrestling

Date July 7, 2008

Last year for the Fourth we all ventured to Elizabeth Rischs cabin and had a hella good time and the first annual Indian Leg wrestling tourney – Jason Opie beat me in the final in the mens division and took replaced me the reigning champion. However, last year I weighed in at 205, so after kicking dairy and becoming a “Chill Vegan” I was down to 175 and I was not packing as much punch with my leg thrusts. Well . . . 30 pounds is a lot of thrust to lose, and so, unfortunately my Junior Olympian swimming coach Jason Opie, took me down. Here are some highlite pics from the leg wrestling tournament.

Here is a link to the complete Flickr Set

2 Responses to “July 4th Weekend – Indian Leg Wrestling”

  1. alyse said:

    why did i have to miss this?

    looks like a hilarious time!

    see you this weekend!!

  2. Elizabeth said:

    Correction—Last year Wes was beaten by Jen Opie and this year annhilated by Jason Opie. The Opies are not happy with this misrepresentation. There will be retribution….

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