Soulja Boy Sunglasses

Date June 27, 2008

Soulja Boy SunglassesI have been hand painting sunglasses and selling them on since last December. We have sold a few pairs online and in retail, but just had a recent surge in sales based on the popularity of rapper Soulja Boy. My wifes co-worker Nicole Singleton told Alison that her little sister was looking online to find some Soulja Boy Sunglasses and was having a difficult time and wanted to buy a pair of my tagged shades. So Alison gave her a bunch of glasses to sell to her sister and her sisters friends. She sold 4 pairs in a day. It was at this point that we realized that we needed to market them based on the angle that they were Soulja Boy Sunglasses – so I immediately set up a PPC campaign optimized organically for that phrase, we will see how it goes! Meanwhile, Nicole is taking a whole new batch of the sunglasses to an outdoor African American festival where they are likely to sell like hot cakes.

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  1. tori said:

    hey cutie gangster

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