Our Wedding featured in Destination Weddings Magazine

Date June 26, 2008

Well, I guess our 15 minutes is officially about to expire! Alison and I got a call about 2 months ago from a writer of Destination Wedding Magazine asking us if we would be interested in being featured in their magazine. At the time we were both working in the backyard planting flowers and creating our own little eden. I remember thinking at the time, “How perfect is this, we are planting flowers and we get a call from a Magazine to be interviewed about our wedding.”

We gladly set up a time and then waited for the phone call later on that day. Apparently our wedding photographer had submitted our wedding pictures to this magazine and they liked them so much they wanted to feature us in the “I do, I do” section, which spotlights the best real life Destinations Weddings. So I guess that means we had a “Top Destination Wedding” – take that to anyone who complained at first that we were not going to have it at home in Oklahoma! I have included a link below to the PDF of the article and here is a link to our wedding website.

Link to Full Resolution PDF of Article

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