Alyse be Bloggin!

Date June 24, 2008

I set up a blog for my sister Alyse so that she could keep us all informed of her Travels as she spends the summer abroad gallivanting around Paris and across Europe. She has done quite well with it posting pictures and interesting stories. That is until she lost her camera in Holland. But even without pics she has done a very good job keeping us entertained with commentary about her experiences in Paris.

In fact, she was writing a post about her new French Haircut and got down a little bit on herself about how her blog was ‘boring’ – well low and behold, she got ranked on page 2 of google under “French haircut” and was getting interested readers and posters finding her blog and participating – total strangers who found her while looking for a French Haircut. She needs to post up some pics of some cool French Haircuts on that page so people can find what they are looking for! ALYSE – POST A PIC OF YOUR NEW FRENCH HAIRCUT!!!

Anyhow – here is a link to her blog, check it out, the Cox’s are starting some serious Blog domination, now I just need to get my brother, wife and parents on board and we will be set! Ben – do you want me to get you set up with your own blog!?!?

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