FN Mag + Templ Hipster Party

Date June 2, 2008

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We released Episode #1 last Thursday – and to celebrate the launch of the issue we threw a “Hipster Party” at Templ Lounge. It did not really get rockin’ till pretty late, but it rocked indeed.

We might have underestimated Tulsa’s comprehension of what a hipster actually is, but we had a few people who understood. Below find a Video from the evening, along with a photo album and high lite pics. Until our next bash . . .

Highlight Photos:

FN Mag Photographer Vanessa Herron

Nicole Murray, Erica (Need Last Name), Britney Murray, Sharay (Need Last Name)

Left: Liz Silvberg of Isabellas, Center: Kim Abdo of Isabella’s, Right: Eric Black

Dani Bruner, looking a little worn out but HIPSTER all the way.

Close friends of Lauryn and Dani – NEED NAMES HERE PLEASE!

Wesley Winston on the MIDI CONTROLLER. (doesn’t sound quite as slick as “On the Decks” )

The only True Hipsters of the entire evening (please leave your names in the comments to claim your victory as the only True Hipsters of Tulsa)

Left: Designer & Artist Nathaniel McKnight, Right: Model Jered Miller of Weslet.Com

Tulsa Oklahoma Socialite Macy Snyder with friend

Left: Mrs. Wesley Winston Cox Esquire, Right Mr. Wesley Winston Cox of FN Mag, Winston Web, WesleyWinston.Com, Weslet Recently Married In this picture we see Wesley Winston throwing his trademark “WW” ghetto hand signal

Benjamin Ryan Cox of Norman and Virginia Hoopes

Weslet.com Models Tiffany McKnight and Mona Hatter

I did not get the names of these guests, but I gave them my gold guarantee that they would make it on the Blog or in Print, I don’t remember, feel free to leave a comment on the blog to clarify the correct spelling of your names.

Left: Brittany Barnes, Center: Lauryn Clark of FN Mag Right: Dani Bruner of FN Mag. They are all an intimate part of FN Mag. ( I am open to edit this, anyone log in here to change this up if you want to embellish my description of you or crack some funny jokes – email me and I will give you the “secret codes” if you forgot them.)

Phillip Sutton with two fine ladies locked and loaded in the chambers.

Patrick Oliver of Uncle Bentleys Tavern and Sara (Need Last Name)

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