Out at Temple

Date January 8, 2008

When I first moved to Tulsa as a 22 year old entering Tulsa Law School I was a party animal. I was a bartender’s best friend because I got tossed regularly and tipped big. I don’t know if it is my age (28) or the fact that I am married, but I just don’t have that burning desire to hit the club/bar scene like I used to.

The one exception that I find to this general aversion is the company of friends and good music. If I can be with my friends or jam out and get funky to some good electronic or hip hop you can count me in.

Last Saturday night I was asked by my good friend Bryan Jensen to go out to the club with him to “dance to the rythem’s of the night” as he put it. After Alison and I grubbed at Qdoba in Cherry Street, we went to see “Juno” (kick ass by the way). After which Bryan and I met up and went to the club.

When we first got to the club I kept joking about how I have started “Blogging” more. Which we swiftly used as an excuse to engage in general buffoonery and decide that every last detail of our night someone needed to be photographed and on my blog.

So I spent most of the night typing notes on my blackberry and snapping photos of the people I ran into throughout the night. At first I was unsure that we were going to get enough good stuff to make it all worthwhile, but by the end of the night, I had more than enough material and encounters with unique and interesting Tulsan’s to make this post worth the effort.

So . . . Shall we begin?

The night started with a definitive bang. As we walked into the club, Bryan was immediately accosted by a relatively attractive, albeit unbalanced blond party goer. She seemed to be unnecessarily enamored by the over sized polo logo on Bryan’s shirt and kept incessantly declaring how cool he was because of . . . . . the size of his polo logo.

I was not really sure what to make of this chic at first, figured she was just drunk and being over enthusiastic and over familiar, but the more she talked and clamored on the more I started to think that perhaps she was a victim of big pharma and had been over prescribed by a caring but misguided physician.

I am not going to go so far as to say that she was a total looney toon, but she was definetily not 100% “with it” – and you are saying to yourself, oh she was just drunk. Trust, I know what Drunken Hot Girls act like and this chick was acting tweaked by more than just alcohol. I point to exhibit A: The miniature hat, her oft mentioned accessory.

Another example of how she was a few tweaks off:

I don’t know how she first came under the mis-assumption that Bryan and I were “Gay” – perhaps it is that Temple has a higher than average gay customer base than other clubs in Tulsa, perhaps it was the fact that we were at the club together without our wives on our arms, perhaps it was the fact that Bryan did not correct her when she made the bold declaration because he saw the ensuing comedy as she enthusiastically embraced our “homosexuality” – however she got the idea, we did not do much to correct her because it seemed to put her in mental tailspin, screaming, waving her arms and declaring to everyone within earshot “Oh MY GOD, you guys are SO Totally GAY!”

Her confusion was surely fueled by the fact that I showed her my “Barry Manilow” photo trinket which I bought for my wife when I stayed at the Hilton in Vegas a few weeks ago.

It was an amusing 2 or 3 minutes we spent letting the silly blond girl assume we were Gay. As we found out later, it probably saved us some hassles by allowing us to avoid this poor confused girls aggressive overtures. She went on to tell us she was from Huntington Beach, she though I was a total “Bro”(surfer) and kept noticing things about us that were not “GAY ENOUGH” – the chick was in love with queer cliches and by the end of our encounter had thoroughly worn me out with her puddle banter.

All of the social awkwardness that was swirling the air around her was almost offset by the fact that she was easy on the eyes.

Jensen commented as were were walking away “Well, she could have called us “Jew Bags” like that black dude outside the restaurant in Atlanta . . . .”

She makes a cameo later on in the night.

Next stop: the other side of the bar for cocktails.

At this point in the night, Jensen and I found a couple of good seats at the bar and commenced to do what one does at a club: DRINK. We went back and forth ordering drinks, Micro Brewery beers, shots of Patron, Vodka Martinis, Gin and Tonics – I think it could have officially been described as “Binge Drinking” – at times grueling, I started to get extremely hot and had to start removing layers.

I ordered two extra dirty Beefeeter martinis, one of my favorite drinks in order to get the party started at 12:30am. Jensen was not a fan, I told him, “you drink scotch strait” he said “I don’t like the taste of the ‘dirty’ – not an olive fan I guess.

I was tired of holding my gin and tonic so I chugged it down.

After Jensen and I had enjoyed a few cocktails we started to mingle with some of the other people at the club. The first person we talked with was an acquaintance of Bryan’s. A super chill dude named Sabah who was in his first year at Tulsa Law School – 4th Tier and Rising

He was at the club with his fiance and another friend.

We spent a lot of time with Sabah. He is a very interesting and magnanimous guy. At a certain point we started discussing music and we both shared our enthusiasm for the Electronic genre. He asked me who my favorite artist was right now and I went on to enthusiastically endorse Felix Da Houscat, telling him I have been listening to his last 3 albums non stop 24/7 for the last few weeks.

He recommended ipod pod casts; armand van buren, tiesto ( told a story about seeing Tiesto in jordan, mountains in back and desert in front) distant heat, wadi rum jordan, 30 min outside the holy city of petra. Last summer. Ran out of ice before they ran out of alcohol. My kind of scene!

It was about his time that the blond from earlier showed back up. Apparently she was being a little too clingy with Sabah and his fiance “had words” with her at a certain point in the night. As he coldly rebuked her come ons, she got a little confused and offended and asked aggressively “What is your problem!!”

He coolly responded “I am engaged” to which she shoved her acclaimed miniature hat in his face as if to say “(I have intentionally left this quote blank to encourage my readers to use the comment field of this post to proffer their own ideas of what she was trying to say with this gesture)”

The only other major thing that I remember discussing with Sabah was some of the success that I am having in the Web Development and Web Marketing World. Jensen snapped a photo as I was going off with great amounts of enthusiasm about the benefits to Organic Search Engine Optimization through proper harvesting of low hanging fruit, long tails and close attention to on-site algorithmic compliance.

Sabah listened intently, and seemed to be impressed with what I was saying.

As we closed in on 1:30, Jensen started to get sleepy and started yawning at the bar.

So we decided to tab out and start heading home.

And just when I was signing my bar tab, I recognized a guy named Andrew Lubner who I first met because he knew my wife from TU law school.

The last time that I had ran into him was at a New York Pizza restaurant where he had told me about some really cool things he was doing musically. A sort of live Electronic Drum and Bass duo. I was fascinated at the time and was eager to hear what the latest was with it.

He gave me a brief refresher of his band which I jotted down in my Blackberry:

The bands name is “Techtonic” and he told me they were playing at the Sound Pony Jan 12. I mentioned that I was friends with Hunter Rodgers of Cains Ballroom and that I maybe could introduce them. He said they like to do set breaks during jam bands, because the people who like Jam music seem to appreciate their sound.

He described their music as “Live Breakbeat House.” I got goose bumps when he said that cause it is SO up my ally. They are a 2 man band band, Andrew is on the drums, the other guy is on roland synthesizer. Keyboard player loops lines and melodies, aaaay, that sounds like some sweet MF’n music to me . . . unfortunately I am going to be in Las Vegas for my sisters 21st birthday so I can’t make it out. However, I highly recommend that anyone who is into cool, new and different music go check out my boy Andrew at the Soundpony on Jan 12.

I got so amped up when he was telling me about his music that I told him about the time that Temple brought in “The Lady’s of Drum and Base” – an assortment of women who spun Drum and Base exclusively. I then started describing how out of control I was that night with my insane “Fist Pumping”

So after wrapping up my conversation with Andrew we dipped out of the club. As we were walking out Jensen posed for some pics with some of his friends.

The guy in the picture with Bryan is Levi. He works at KSQ Architects, a local Tulsa architecture firm where Bryan’s wife Brook works, and which my company Winston Web also handles all their Tulsa Web Design. Earlier in the night Jensen had eagerly mentioned to Levi that I was the guy who did the KSQ website.

I was honored that Jensen had so much enthusiasm for my success as a Web Developer and that he shared my status as the agency of record for KSQ to Levi. But what was funny was Levi’s response. We are talking about a super layed back, chilled out dude – who you can tell is just kind of coasting through life and enjoying the scenery along the way. Probably does not give a shit about what kind of car he drives and the labels on his clothes.

Juxtapose this with Jensen’s super appreciation for Status, Wealth and success and you have two characters who are pretty much polar opposites with respect to cognizance of their pecking order in society.

So as Jensen was giving me mad props, Levi just kind of stood their nodding his head up and down taking it all in. Then when Jensen wrapped up his endorsement and 7 degrees story, Levi took a drag of his cigarette and responded “OK”.

At first I was thinking that he was unimpressed, but then I just realized he did not give two shits about my business, or the fact that I managed the website for his employer. He was just chillen’!

I actually kind of respect the hell out of him! Most people might have felt obligated by Jensen’s grand introduction to ask some follow up questions about my business or ask me how I put websites at the top of Google. On the contrary, Levi was not interested in participating in a social charade, he was good just smiling, drinking and smoking . . . . How cool is that!

And now, last but not least on the grand scroll of interesting people that I met last Saturday Night in Tulsa: Joe Beres.

Now, I am not sure if Joe was officially “homeless” or just looked like it. He did mention something about a rent house and a 50 year career as a musician, so I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he did seem at first glance as if he might be working extra hard on his grind.

As we were walking to meet up with our ride, we ran into him at a hot dog stand. I told him what we were doing with my blog, documenting the night and that is all he needed to tell me his mind like he was unloading a dump truck.

Without trying to make too much sense of it, I have just copied and pasted his rantings directly into this blog post from my blackberry. It was mostly coherent, I will let you be the judge of what his story was.

joe beres, old bearded man, who thought he looked “too radical” in the picture I took of him, retired, 60 years old, musician for 50 years, blues, classical, 19 years in tulsa, bullshit struggling, from new york, came to tulsa to retire, thinks tulsa could be a mecca, for the american southwest, people are glancing off of tulsa to other cities nearby, asked for a double shot of vodka from hot dog vendor, but could not get it. Advise for Tulsa: 1. Tulsa: “be yourself” 2. Fixing the roads is the tip of the iceburg. 3. Thinks river development is a playground for rich people, wants more grocery shopping on north side. 4. Be brave: be honest, be straight forward, turn the bad karma around.

A Wesley Winston LIVE BLOG | January 6th 2007 | Tulsa Oklahoma

Link to complete photo album from the night

8 Responses to “Out at Temple”

  1. P. Bryan Jensen said:

    The chick was saying: “REALLY – I didn’t used to be this fat”

  2. Ben said:

    Bryan is crazy!

  3. Wells said:

    Bryan has a proclivity towards playing that card… like the time in London he let our incredibly Jewish roommate think I beat a man because he was related to Abraham.

    In other news, you just got bookmarked. Congrats.

  4. Wells said:

    Yeah, I totally fucked up the tags on that one… that’s laughable

  5. Andy Lubner said:

    Hell yeah! Tech Tonic makes the blog spot and we got some good pics. Our next gig as at the Continental on Friday February 15th. It will feature Tech Tonic and a handful of Dn’B DJ’s. It will definetly be a fun night. Thanks for the mention in the blog and hopefully we will see you guys in the February. In the meantime, keep up writing.



  6. Andy Lubner said:

    Check out Tech Tonic at:


  7. alyse said:

    you can cage the blonde’s insanity by the tackiness of her acrylic nails.

  8. Niki Joy said:

    My name is Niki. I want to comment on your blog about Joe Beres. I believe he is my father. I have not had contact with him in almost 30 years. My father was indeed named Joe Beres and he was a musician. He was from New York, where I currently reside. He was a Viet Nam vet. The last I heard of his whereabouts was from his brother back in 1994. He told me Joe was living in Oklahoma. I am 99% sure he is my father.

    Would you kindly write back to me. I really want to find him and re-connect with him. I just googled his name as I do once in a while and I found your blog.

    Thank you very much!

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