Wall Family Christmas 2007

Date January 6, 2008

After my wedding last May in Tulum Mexico, my grandmother on my Mom’s side, Mary Ellen Wall, was so enamored with the resort and the beauty of the Mayan Riviera that she decided to put together a trip back to Tulum during Christmas for her 5 daughters, their husbands and her 20 grandchildren.

One of my mom’s sisters and her family were unable to make it, but we still ended up with 20 family members celebrating Christmas together at Dreams Tulum. It was indeed a dream.

So we all loaded up our beach gear and headed south to Mexico for the Holidays. Here is a quick introduction to all my family members who made the trip:

My Grandmother Mary Ellen Wall

The Cox Family | Robert, Laura, Alyse, Alison, Wes and Ben

The Vincent Family | John, Nancy, Johnathan and Cameron

Liz Wall & Linda Stonecipher

The Coroma Family | Daniel, Amy, Josia, Emily, Mathew, Laura Beth and Joshua

Here is a grouping of what I think are the best shots from the 9 albums I have created for the trip, which you can find further on down the page.

And here are all 9 albums that I created from the trip:

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  1. Wesley Cox said:

    It is fun and easy to use the comment box on a blog – give it a go!

  2. eyeleen said:

    eye love your dreamy green eyes…………….

  3. Ben said:

    Awesome! Thanks for putting this together. I enjoyed looking at all of them

  4. Alyse said:


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