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Date December 21, 2007

My wife, sister and mother went to NYC for a week this winter. While they were in the Big Apple they did a lot of shopping and street walking scouring the city for good deals and hot new styles.

One afternoon I got a phone call from my wife telling me that she had picked up some “HIP HOP” gear for me. Not sure what it was exactly that she had found I waited patiently for her to return home to find out what all goodies she had found.

Upon her return I opend up all of my gifts looking for my HIP HOP item. When I opened it up I found a pair of designer knock off sunglasses that had been painted or “TAGGED” with green paint. They looked a little ghetto, yet street tough.

I loved them – I did not know how much I loved them until I put them on and realized how much attention they got.

I am known to wear goddy sunglasses – but these were a different breed – colorful, hip hop, screaming “Check my Shades!”

I went to vegas a couple of weeks after I got them and wore them out to every club I went to and around Vegas during the day. They were a sensation.

I even had a guy at the bar offer to buy them from me for $200, but I told him, “Nah man – these aren’t for sale.” The sunglasses were a HIT – people kept asking me to take photos graphs with them on, I could not believe how popular they were.

Needless to say, when I got home from Vegas I was jacked about adding a line of painted sunglasses to my collection of designs and offerings. So I went to work painting, tagging and creating my own line of “tagged sunglasses” – and VOILA!

So this is my line, I put alot of effort into each pair of sunglasses I paint. You will love wearing them, just get ready to tell people know when they offer to buy them from you!


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  1. Ben said:

    I like my sunglasses I feel like such a bad ass when I have them on. Cant wait to wear them down in Mexico!

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