Sewing Machine Mania

Date November 30, 2007

Turns out that a dragon costume is a little harder to come by than one would imagine. Or maybe other people would imagine it to be difficult, I was initially quite confident that I would be able to throw one together relatively easily. But when it comes to actually figuring out how to have a nice large tail (with spikes) and a nice big belly and maybe even a dragon head…not so easy. At first I thought I would borrow Heidi’s sewing machine and just carry it on the plane with me. But then I got concerned because the FAA is so damn strict they probably have a rule against sewing machines. That and my flight was at 6:30am, so at 5:00am when I was leaving the house I sure as fuck didn’t feel like lugging a sewing machine around.
On Monday I bought a sewing machine. Unfortunately, it didn’t come with thread so I couldn’t start the project until Tuesday. At 11pm on Tuesday I had the needle and bobbin threaded. This was slightly later than I had been planning. I sewed a tail, unfortunately it looked very much like a snake and very unlike a dragon tail. However, I was optimistic about the project. Several trips to fabric stores, Target, and Walgreens later, I had my supplies. The next two nights were spent staying up until 3am sewing. In some circles, this is called a manic episode. My logic was that if I dedicated enough time and effort, I was destined to end up with a cute little dragon costume. I had it pictured perfectly in my head.
However, dragon costumes are a bitch to make. I strongly advise against it. The tail ended up looking good…enormous, but good. The belly…not so much. Most people thought I was pregnant. (Morons, how many pregnant people do you know with a tail?) The halloween party was fun regardless. But after a week without sleep I had to come home to a house littered with green fabric, fluff, and needles. Since then, my sewing machine has been used solely for sewing nice square things like curtains…no bellies or tails.

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