Memphis Lingo I

Date November 30, 2007

There are some slight vocabulary changes I am trying to make in order fit in better in Memphis. I’ve noticed that the phrase ‘one of them’ is often added into a sentence before a direct object (how’d ya like that 7th grade English throw back?).

For example, when I was leaving the Schnuck’s last night the security guard outside (because they have guards to watch the shopping carts) said to a friend of his, “Make sure you grab me one of them 12 packs.” I was a little concerned that ‘one of them 12 packs’ might impair his guarding ability, but on the bright side, it might make it easier to swipe a shopping cart.

However, ‘one of them’ is not reserved for alcoholic beverages. In fact, most Memphians use ‘one of them’ in almost every sentence. “I got one of them new phones. Have you tried one of them cheeseburgers? Can you get me one of them packs of Marlboro lights? So, when you are in Memphis, remember to add ‘one of them’ into your vocab. Otherwise, they’ll know you’re just one of them tourists.

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