Memphis Dining Guide

Date November 30, 2007

I have been anxiously planning for Jason’s visit, primarily so that I could go eat at all the fun restaurants here. So, I had checked out menus online and narrowed the list down to my favorites…I was very proud of myself for being so on top of things and couldn’t wait to hear how impressed Jason was with my new city and my outstanding selection of restaurants and bars. See Jason has this uncanny knack for finding good restaurants. However, I figured that in a new city and with all my researching, this would be my chance to shine.

Things did not go exactly as I had imagined. Friday night we ended up just having wine and cheese at my apartment which wasn’t bad, but it is a meal we have had many times before. So, Saturday morning I informed Jason of all the wonderful brunch options and he was very excited about the Mediterranean place that serves crepes (he’s big fan of crepes). It took awhile to find the place (I was sure it was on Front St., but turns out it wasn’t). We finally get there and lo and behold, they don’t actually serve crepes! Shock! They have frittatas and I guess I confused that for crepes. I admit there was some mild disappointment on Jason’s part, but I explained that this was an easy mistake to make because Crepes and Frittatas are the kind of words that lots of people mix up. And I didn’t even know what a Frittata was so that makes it even easier to confuse.

Around 1pm we found ourselves wandering into a bar to watch sports (what my baby wants, my baby gets.) Several beers later, I was famished. The to-go order we placed got all mixed up and took one million years (during which time I continued drinking). Our bartender explained that he works the day shift, but his girlfriend works nights and then comes home at 5am and wakes him up to make love (although I think he used the phrase ‘screw my brains out’) so he was very tired and that’s why he got confused on the order. Understandable. However, by 4pm I was drunk and starving. We finally ate at home and I pounded water in an attempt to be sober for dinner, which was going to redeem the other eating debacles.

Tapas restaurants are pretty much our favorite. I had checked out the menu, it was in a cool location, so I was pretty damn sure it was going to be good. Tricked again!!! Atmosphere turns out to be lame-o and our waitress seems to be afraid to talk to us, but fuck it…I’m starving again so all I can think about is eating. And then the large tempura prawns I ordered are set on the table…with their heads still on and a big fat eye looking at me. Gross-Out! (these heads were as big as mine). I just kept laughing at it because I didn’t know what else to do. And I essentially lost my appetite. Suffice it to say, the rest of the food really wasn’t good. I have since been relieved of the responsibility of choosing restaurants.

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