Cats Hate Apartments

Date November 30, 2007

The emphatic hate that my cat feels towards apartment living can not possibly be adequately described. Cats, in general and Oranjello especially, are inflexible regarding their preferences, and if they want something, you won’t hear the end of it until you give in. So, once Oranjello got accustomed to living in a home where he was free to roam the neighborhood… god forbid I move to an apartment.

Confining Oranjello to a perfectly nice apartment resulted in misery for the him, but mostly for me. The first few days, he spent pawing at the doors and wailing loudly. He continues to vocalize his complaints about apartment life daily (mrow, mrooooowwww). I tried to explain that we had to suck it up and adjust to our new home, but he ignored completely my advice. (I don’t know if I bought it either).

I assume Oranjello spends most of his day planning his escape. This assumption is based on his repeated attempts to escape. At first he would try to sneak past me anytime I opened the front door. He would hide around the corner and try to creep out as I came in. When that didn’t work, he began using force and speed in an attempt to just push through me, similar to a football player…a small, furry, orange football player. And instead of enjoying the time when he’s allowed outside on the back porch (2nd story), he circles the perimeter looking for a way to jump down and wails loudly with disappointment.

Recently, I became concerned that he is getting so desperate he may attempt to jump from the porch, which could be misconstrued as a suicide attempt. And then people might think he was mistreated, which is hardly the case. Well, Oranjello’s persistence has paid off. I gave up and sent him home yesterday with Jason. Back to OKC…damn cat got his way as usual.

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