A Catty Day

Date November 30, 2007

Today didn’t start well and I haven’t seen an upturn yet. First of all I toppled down my stairs this morning…heel catches on my pants and I go tripping several steps, grab the rail, swing sideways falling onto my hands and knees, and continue bumping down and land hard facing back up the stairs knocking my coffee out of my hand. It spills completely out. Not on me, but I hate starting the morning without coffee. Next, I realize I am full-blown on my period despite the fact that I am on the pill and not scheduled to have it for 3 weeks. And Jason is coming to visit this weekend. Ugh.

I get more angry just thinking about all the reasons I hate birth control and the fact that people don’t respect or care enough about women’s needs to find us a better option. And properly fill us in on the side-effects (but that is a separate rant). The morning at work is decent, but the afternoon is boring and gets worse. Client cancellations equal Elizabeth sitting and being bored. So the being bored turned into being frustrated and pissy. However, I figured that the frustration would turn into a really good work-out (I’ve started working out). But my workout plan was thwarted by the lack of a ponytail holder, water bottle, and the blister on my heel. So I gave up quickly and went home feeling lame-o.
I just hope tomorrow is better. And, I did have two good ideas. When I was driving to work I heard the song Ruby Tuesday on the radio, which I liked and was a highlight of the day, and so I started trying to think of which Wes Anderson movie it was in. I never decided for sure but I got to thinking that since I really liked a lot of the soundtrack songs in his films that I should create a CD that is a mix of my favorites. (Stephanie Says, Rudy Can’t Fail, all the French versions of songs on Life Aquatic).

So that was one good idea. Later I decided that I definitely wanted to be a dragon for Halloween. I have been thinking about this lately, but hadn’t decided for sure. I love costumes where I get to do a lot of work making them, so the dragon will be great. I’m already thinking of ways to make my spikes stand straight up, I don’t want flopsy mopsy spikes. So that was good idea number 2. What I really need a good idea about is a birthday present for Jason. His birthday was almost a week ago and I almost forgot it. I remembered the night before but thought it was that day and that I had missed it. Either way it was too late to do anything about it. I should win a girlfriend award probably.

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