Girl Talk | Dallas 11-02-07

Date November 14, 2007

Introduction and Overview

Many people are familiar with “Girl Talk” – many more people are totally unfamiliar with this up and coming musical artist who has taken live “MASH-UP” performances to an entirely different level of consciousness.

Forget everything that you think you know about DJ’s, turntables, raves, techno, hip hop any of that. In this context, none of that is going to help you understand what Girl Talk is about. Without trying to over explain it; Gregg Gillis creates ‘Mashed Up’ remixes of pop classics, hip hop, rock and roll, rap, electric, 80’s hair band, 90’s synth – anything that is upbeat and fun to dance to and then replays and remixes these newly created songs live in front of an audience on his laptop.

Your thinking “Guy on a laptop, been there, done that.” You would be Wrong.

What makes Girl Talk so unique is that he brings his own unique spirit and energy to the performances. His vibrations effectively fill the room at his performances, such that everyone in attendance at his shows are filled with an enigmatic, yet palpably innocent and enthusiastic energy.

Its the same feeling that you might have had back in the day during a slumber party in 6th grade – when your parents just went to bed, left you and your friends alone and out came the boom box blasting the current anthem of the day along with the pillow fighting. Its that kind of vibe.

Gregg accentuates this atmosphere by encouraging the audience to join him on stage and participate in the fun he is having – as he dances to his own mixes, bounces up down and at the beginning of each show tosses a handful of confetti in the air – showering down on everyone crowded around him, tuned into his every move and pulse.

I have seen Girl Talk (the name is from an episode of “Full House”) perform in Tulsa at Cains Ballroom and just recently in Dallas at The Palladium Loft. Luckily, because of the fact that I was in Dallas with my friend Hunter Rodgers who knows Gregg from running Cains, we were able to hang out with him after the show for a little bit. He is a magnanimous and unassuming guy, with a care free and easy going attitude, who just wants to have fun and ‘get down.’

In this post I have created a bundle of content from the Girl Talk show in Dallas. Here is a Table of Contents of the media you will find:

  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Girl Talk Photo Album
  3. Girl Talk Fan Photo Album
  4. Girl Talk Fan Collage
  5. Featured Photos of Girl Talk
  6. Girl Talk Videos | Dallas 11-02-07

Girl Talk Photo Album

Girl Talk Fan Photo Album

Girl Talk Fan Collage

Featured Photos of Girl Talk

Gregg crouching on stage that collapsed during performance.

Examining broken flooring and stage after performance

Moving setup after stage collapses during set.

Relaxing with entourage in club accommodations after set

Un “wrapping” computer protective covering (wet & wild on stage)

Action shot on stage photograph #1

Action shot on stage photograph #2

Girl Talk Videos | Dallas 11-02-07

On Stage with Girl Talk
This is sweet video right up on stage during the beginning of his set.

Girl Talk Addresses the crowd before the performance
This is a much longer video, and it is pretty dark at first, but it ends up being GREAT footage of his speech before the set – be sure to hang in there and watch it until he he starts playing music and everyone rushes the stage including me!

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