Summer in Paris 2005

Date November 12, 2007

During the Summer of 2005 my current wife and girl friend at the time enrolled in a Law School Study abroad program in Paris France. I had just started my company Winston Web and had been able to put aside a few thousand dollars which enabled me to go with her for the summer.

I don’t need to tell you that spending the summer in Paris with your girlfriend at the age of 26 was nothing short of amazing.

We had the chance to hang around such a cool set of people and had the time of our lives.

I had spent the summer in Nice, France, in the South “La Cote D’Azur” during the summer of 2003 doing a Law School exchange so this was my second summer in France during a 3 year period – but being able to enjoy it with Alison was what really made this one stand out.

I took so many photographs and video from that summer that I have not had a chance to go through them and put together a “webisode” as detailed or as comprehensive the one that I built for my summer in Nice. However, I do have grand plans for a web based interactive accounting of that summer which I hope to get to in the next year or so.

But for now, all I have is the page that I built to keep the site up to date for my friends and family back home while I was in France. It is a decent accounting and I can relive the experience through it, but it will be NOTHING compared to what I will be putting together as the final product.

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