Sky Bar OKC 2006

Date November 12, 2007

Photos hanging out in OKC with ole’ college buddies. Funny story to come from this night – Shoe disclosed to our table a vertical style 2pac tattoo up the side of this rib cage. Shoe was dancing wildly on the dance floor in the club and while doing a wild dance move inadvertently smacked a girl in the head and was kicked out of the club. After being kicked out of the club, we go down stairs and he is flailing in the street, almost gets arrested, we put him in a cab and take him to IHOP, where while we are hanging in front of the restaurant, a police cruiser sees him doing karate kicks in the air and swaying around and insists that he take a cab home. We see him leave in a cab. I get a call the next morning that he spent the night in jail after being arrested for “failure to pay cab fare” – typical Shoe!

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