Los Angeles November 2005

Date November 12, 2007


Here is the first few paragraphs from this feature webisode:

“Prior to ever actually having been to California, I must have heard 100 times from people, “OH Wes, you have never been to California? You will LOVE it there, you will fit right in.”

As much as I would want to think that they were paying me some compliment, I never really thought it made me unique, because I figured that anyone who is not a complete lame brained tomfool would love California – one of the worlds most thriving economic and social climates. More than anything when people over-enthusiastically endorsed California as a place that I would “love” I took it as, “Because you are not a bumbling reprobate you would like California. Congratulations on not sucking. ”

Having prefaced with that I will go on to say that after spending two weeks in California the place actually is on to something. (10 different Vegan Delivery options 24/7 – I am sorry fella, but that is a sign of human advancement) California, much like the Taj Majal, is not a place that can be over hyped by any amount of build up that it received prior to ones actual experience of it.

My trip to California was in Late November 2005. I flew to LA just before Thanksgiving break to attend an advanced Meditation and Breathing Retreat with a group called The Art of Living. The retreat was held in the canyons of Malibu . . .”

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