Griffin and Mendi’s Wedding

Date November 12, 2007

My friend Griffin Parker married Mendi in May of 2006. It was a WILD weekend culminating in a raucus and volitale explosion after the wedding.

I put together a detailed narrative of the over the top experience and posted it on a few days after the event.

Within the last few weeks I have heard some rumblings from people about the posting – I ran into “Craig and Mrs. Crazy” at a bar and they raved about the piece saying that it was hilarious and amazing. Which was surprising to me because I the story did not paint them in the best of light.

I also heard from another friend that some of the other people mentioned in the story where actually considering filing a lawsuit against me for slander. Never got the papers . . .

Here are the first words from this feature webisode:

“The only thing more unsightly than a rowdy group of 18 year old drunken reprobates hopped up on frat machismo and stale Natural Light is that same group of drunken reprobates in their late 20′s furiously consuming the last fumes of their 20′s by ratcheting up their drinking levels to doses that would kill a small mule . . .”

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