Conversation with Mack Brown

Date November 6, 2007

This was and still is the most popular thing that I have ever done with – For 5 years OU whipped up on Texas from 2000 – 20004. The first year I put this out on the site it was responsible for over 50,000 unique visits.

Before the 2004 game I was browsing the forums and the Texas Longhorns website and found a bunch of video clips from a segment they call “Mondays with Coach Brown” – where an insider interviews Mack Brown after each game on Monday.

While watching the sequence of videos over a 5 year period of losses to his biggest rival I could not help but think how funny it would be to take them and re-sequence them so that one could easily watch them one after the other – Along with highlights from the OU victories, of course.

Presto – Zappo – put them in a flash interface and VOILA – a sweet interactive Flash application that any OU fan will enjoy forever.

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