50 Cent in Tulsa

Date November 1, 2007


During my second semester at TU law school in the Spring of 2003 50 Cent had just dropped his first mega hit “In da Club” – it was that song that everyone knew, even your 50 year old mom.

TU students were given free tickets, so I stocked up and invited a bunch of friends up for the concert and had a “Fourty Party” at my apt – where I cleared out my fridge and stocked it full of 40 ounce bottles of Old English from the Liquor Store. Complete with dry ice to produce frosty fog when the fridge opened up. Thats right, JUST like the Dre Day video.

I remember at a certain point, my home page had a promo video and an advert for the event and I started to think “man this is really cool, I have a website that promotes my life – I may be on to something!”

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