Beautiful Black African Christmas

Date November 1, 2007

During my senior year at OU I took an intercession class over the winter break – the class was called “DWB – Driving While Black” While it was supposed to focus on racial profiling and institutionalized inequality, it was actually a formal, university sanctioned bitch fest encouraging the black culture to embrace its role as victims.

It was an enjoyable class, I learned a lot of neat things about the Black culture that I did not know before such as the “Psychological Residuals” of slavery and what it really meant to be “Black” (apparently if your ethic heritage can be traced back to Africa and you have chocolate colored skin you are not guaranteed to be “Black” – according to this class to truly be “Black” you can not be too intimately involved with traditional structures of White Society such as Politics and Business.

As part of the lessons to embrace ones “Blackness” the professor taught the class a black affirmation. There were 40 people total – all “Black” with the exception of myself and my 2 European Fraternity brothers.

At the beginning of each class the professor asked all the students to stand up and recite the black affirmation, even the White Boys – the logic being that the first humans were spawned in the “Fertile Crescent” in Africa and thus LOGICALLY everyone is BLACK.

So the scene is set – 38 Black people, half of which are large, strong, intimidating OU Football Players and 3 White Boy Fraternity dudes – we always sat at the front – and each day before class started we would all stand up and recite the following affirmation:

I am a beautiful Black African Person.
I was put on this earth to make a difference.
I can make that difference only if;
I respect my African Self,
Stay true to Black self,
and love my Beautiful Black African Self.

Needless to say it was a bit uncomfortable for us White Boys . . .

Anyway – the comedy of this was obvious to me and so at one of my family Christmas Gatherings a couple of years later I decided to share this affirmation with my entire family on Christmas day. So this piece was devoted to putting my White family in the same awkward position that my professor put me in at OU.

Here is a direct link to the video of the speech I gave and the corresponding reactions from my family.

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